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George David Spends $200K a Week

Last week we were surprised when Marie Douglas-David, wife of former United Technologies CEO George David, said in her divorce papers that she spent $53,000 a week ($600 of which is on flowers, $4,500 on clothes). Not because she spent that much — hey, she’s rich — but because she should have known that admitting such details made her filing catnip for the Post. And during a recession! She could have at least tried do some creative accounting, we said, so as to look a little less like Marie Antoinette. It seems her husband, however, was more savvy. The details of George David’s affidavit are in the Post today, and though he admits to spending a whopping $206,592 a week, he cleverly included details that indemnify him from looking like a total greedypants, especially as far as the media is concerned.

George’s other weekly expenses include charities ($18,042), cash advances and credit cards for Marie ($10,336), travel ($7,491), entertainment ($7,125), clothing ($2,500), restaurants and food ($1,773) and car service ($1,695).

The biz exec also owns $21.3 million worth of art he bought since 2005, and an Aston Martin worth $182,698. He’s also a prodigious reader. He spends $863 a week on books, magazines and newspapers.

Well. We know we’ll be on the side of the guy who’s singlehandedly supporting the publishing industry.


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George David Spends $200K a Week