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‘Gossip Girl’ Brings Out New Sides of Everyone

This week, dear readers, you guys had a lot of thoughts about Gossip Girl. 473 of them, in fact, which sets a new record! Perhaps there was something special about this week’s episode that stirred so much insightful commentary. Maybe it was death.

That said, we’re on a budget and we only have a certain number of gold stars. So if you didn’t get the chance to go through everyone’s insights, below are our highlights. NOTE: Since we know you will be in Gossip Girl withdrawal next week, we have a host of delights for you, including interviews, slideshows, and even correspondence from GG’s great Creator. So tune in!

Realer Than Chuck’s Adorable-Vulnerable-Sad Face in Blair’s Bedroom:

• “As others have pointed out, Plus 5 to Alex Patsavas for using The National’s “Slow Show” over the last montage. It’s moody and appropriate without being cloying and obvious, and I’ve had it in my head all day.” — foreignspell

• “And just when I feared [Cyrus’] hand would go for a schtickle of squeeze on Blair’s buttock when she hugged and “not enough”ed him… and he DIDN’T, I was pleasantly accepting of this sorely-missed and much-welcomed father figure in her life.” — ariadne44

• “Only in a relationship as awesome and bizarre as Blair and Chuck’s would having sex with twins be a call for help and not something that you get all angry and jealous about. Blair knows that Chuck is a man-slut and this doesn’t change or effect her love for him.” — HKRAVITZ [This is oddly touching! And there’s something very wrong with that.]

• “Plus 30 for Aaron. He acts as though he merely has to go though the motions of being S’s boyfriend. His voice is completely flat. As though he’s the understudy for the real Aaron or something. Even when he says, “I think I might be falling in love with you,” it sounds like he’s telling the driver to pull up on the left. Is there no emotion behind his creepy facial hair? Plus, he’s a douche. ” — jburgz

• “‘Only a masochist could ever love such a narcissist’ as mentioned is a brilliant line, however I loved the detail that her blouse was covered in eyes (reminiscent of Man Ray’s, “Indestructible Object”) which I think personified her epiphany about their relationship…. she now *sees*. Plus 2.” — martha1978 [Yeah, the Man Ray reference was lost on us…]

• “After his girlfriend *says* she doesn’t want to go, Aaron guilts, ‘This trip is my gift to you. And you going with me will be your gift to me.’ Plus 20, because just when you think Aaron Rose couldn’t get more douchey and manipulative, he goes there, in that superficially-sweet way where you don’t realize it’s happening until the relationship’s over, and time passes, and one day you wake up and say “good GOD he was a douche!” Ahem.” — sinope

• “Plus 2 for Leighton perfecting the art of the single tear drop.” — shmay

Faker Than Serena’s Feelings for Aaron

• “Minus 5 for Lily’s slap. Not because it was ragingly inappropriate (though it was) but because it was so poorly done.” — teamwaldorf

• “Blair: “But I am me. And you are you. We’re Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck.”… “I am the egg man. They are the egg men. I am the walrus. Goo goo g’joob. Goo goo g’joob.” Don’t get me wrong, the scene was still moving. Just very Lennon-esque.” — brooklynexpat

• “I’m sick of Little J turning out dresses and blazers and whatever else in ONE NIGHT. When I was 15, I could barely get through my math homework AND watch Dawson’s Creek in one night, let alone bust out detailed couture. Minus 5.” — stephencolbert33

• “Judging by Rufus’s pudginess in that disgusting turtleneck sweater, I’m pretty sure he ate Lily’s mystery baby.” — 15gardner [We think that was just the sweater. But still, that turtleneck. Honestly. Spare us.]

• “Minus 3 for what happens when dan or serena- both are guilty- completely abandon each in the middle of various nyc neigborhoods mid-conversation? like where are you going? i came all the way over here to talk to you and you desert me to exchange your muffin? i think not.” — nymagdevotee

• “‘We bring nothing into the world, and we leave nothing behind. But that doesn’t mean we don’t leave a big old mess when we go.’ Uh, huh? If you leave a mess, doesn’t that mean you leave something behind? I’m confused, Gossip Girl. Minuspoints, please.” — loosemoose

• “All I know for sure is that [Lily and Rufus’] child would have an artistic career goal. I’m going with actor, as that family has already done musician, writer, designer, and photographer. Oh, and I also know that the kid would be better off with adoptive parents than those two.” — brigidmarie

• “Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane:
i’m sorry.
i can’t.
don’t hate me.
Ok, Candace Bushnell, Josh Schwartz, whoever.” [re: Chuck’s pillow note.] — LITTLEJ [Yeah. We were, like, waiting for Blair to knock over a vase.]

• “Plus 2 because GG is so awesome that we don’t even need to hear Dorota whisper, Ms. Blair, Mr. Chuck is here, to know that’s exactly what she said.” — twinsfindme

• “I’m calling it now: Jonathan is the love child!” — frieswithgravy

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‘Gossip Girl’ Brings Out New Sides of Everyone