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Hey Fred Armisen, Screw You

Okay, Fred. We’ll give you the eyeball thing — you’ve got that down. And the voice, a little. But every other thing about your imitation of Governor Awesome on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live was weak, pat, and lazy. We get that most Americans don’t care about New York State politics as much as we do, but a bunch of jokes about New Jersey, cocaine, and blind people? What, is SNL suddenly the visiting room at Rikers? “I want to choose a senator not from the glitzy coke parties of Manhattan, but rather from the shabbier coke regions of upstate New York,” Armisen cracked in his “Weekend Update” appearance on Saturday night. Oh! Governor Paterson once admitted to having done cocaine! That’s hilarious! You know who else admitted to doing cocaine, who SNL has never effectively made fun of, ever? You may remember him; he’s also a black Hail Mary politician: Barack Obama! Oh, but you can’t make fun of him — he’s not blind.

Even Paterson himself, whom we all know is the most comical and cuddly governor we’ve ever had, did not find the gags funny. And this is a person who makes sex jokes about the presidency. There are a thousand reasons why Governor Awesome is ripe for spoofing on SNL, but his blindness and a trumped-up hate of New Jersey are not among them.

That being said, when Seth Meyers asked him what he had against the Jerz, and Armisen replied “Unfortunately, a southern border,” we did giggle. A little.

*Oh, and Post? You’re not off the hook for that headline, either.

Hey Fred Armisen, Screw You