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In the End, Clinton’s Secretary of State Gig Only Cost Her $13 Million

It’s got to be maddening to be Hillary Clinton this holiday season. It was bad enough that she lost the primary she assumed she was going to win earlier in the year, but then her campaign was left in the hole for a huge chunk of cash because it took her so long to shake off that assumption. Today the Times tells us that Clinton just officially forgave $13 million of debt that she lent to the campaign out of her own pocket. (It still owes $5 million to Mark Penn, and it’s got to sting to pay that guy now.) This is especially bothersome now that her husband can’t accept money from all those Arabs anymore. But there’s a bright side! She’s going to be secretary of State! Nobody can steal that thunder, right?

Wrong! Only a few family names in American politics trump “Clinton” when it comes to public fascination, and the most prominent of them is “Kennedy.” The Times and her New York constituents are riveted by Caroline Kennedy’s return to politics, and Hillary is just an afterthought again. Even though it’s her seat Kennedy is gunning for. People are even talking about Kennedy becoming the first female president of the United States one day! It’s just not fair. Kennedy even, in the ultimate insult, also wears pearls and pantsuits.

But don’t count Clinton out yet, oh no. She’s got plans. She’s going to extend the powers of the State Department. She wants a bigger budget, and economic powers, too. And she’s amassing a team of envoys and deputies already. And she’s creating positions that the Bush Administration didn’t even use. And she’s going to take over relations with India and China! And she’s got an all-star roster! And you, and you, and you — you’re gonna love her.

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In the End, Clinton’s Secretary of State Gig Only Cost Her $13 Million