this is probably fake

James Frey to Gawker for a Day

This e-mail crossed our transom last night, from outgoing Gawker bunny Sheila McClear:

Dear Gawker Media staff,

Do not be alarmed by our special guest on Wednesday. His name is James Frey, of fake-memoir/yelled-at-by-Oprah fame, and he will be interning for me for the day, helping me pack my stuff up into boxes and such. I also need him to go to the post office to return a Helmut Lang dress I ordered on sale that ended up being too small. He’s especially eager to do menial chores, so if you have any of those types of tasks for him, please relay them to me, as I will be his supervisor. He will bring donuts.

As always, feel free to leak this memo accordingly.

best, etc.

This is bizarre for several obvious reasons, not the least of which that Gawker was incredibly harsh to Frey when the whole scandal over his falsified memoir A Million Little Pieces went down. First person to see evidence of him on the blog gets a pint glass filled with every type of alcohol behind the bar, and our immediate skepticism.

James Frey to Gawker for a Day