Joan Rivers and Angelina Both Kind of Got Knocked Down, Then Got Up

Giuseppe Cipriani may be staying out of the U.S. to avoid his restaurant empire’s whole alleged liquor-license strong-arming mess thing. Lindsay Lohan and Sean Penn chatted intensely at the Beatrice Inn … possibly about doing a film together! Milk the Mean-Car Love Bug! Leo DiCaprio lost his wallet at Rolf’s, but then the staff found it in a pile of dirty linen. Hmmm, symbolic of something, right? Joan Rivers got knocked down at a luncheon by a photographer, who then apologized profusely and kissed her hand. Mickey Rourke tells Cindy Adams all about how he cleaned up his act. Then they make fun of each other’s outfits.

The latest real-life Gossip Girl hook-up includes Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen, who were caught smooching at a party. We’re not sure we believe this, but uh-oh, bad Project Runway meets Brideshead bangs. Brad accidentally kind of tripped Angelina at the premiere of Brad’s new Benjamin Button movie, but Ang was cool about it and laughed. SHE IS SO PERFECT.

Marilyn Manson still pines for ex Dita Von Teese, and is very angry that she took the dog in the breakup. Willie Nelson will smoke anything that’s around. Tom Cruise lost his BlackBerry in Toronto, and we’re not saying that means any more than exactly what it says. Will Ferrell swanned into the MGM in Vegas with a posse and camera crew and wearing a big fur coat and top hat.

Lauri Waring Peterson is leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County because of her son’s heroin addiction. Jeremy Piven won’t get angry if you call him Ari Gold, but he will tell you that his name is Jeremy Piven. Oprah says she weighs 200 pounds and is embarrassed about it.

Joan Rivers and Angelina Both Kind of Got Knocked Down, Then Got Up