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Media Slaughter Leaves Anna Wintour Thus Far Untouched

Today’s media failures and firings were not noteworthy for their numbers, but for their quality. We saw some Internet friends go, the Most Important Person in Fashion stay, and an entire scrapbooking social network collapse. Where’s the justice?

• Condé Nast publisher Si Newhouse denies that rumor from this morning that Vogue editrix Anna Wintour is going to be ousted in favor of her French counterpart, Carine Roitfeld. No word on what she did to avoid such a fate, but let’s hope Stanley Tucci isn’t too upset. [Heard on the Runway/WSJ, Cut]

• At Gawker, Intel friend Sheila McClear and new hire Alex Carnevale were released from their contracts. Now there are no female contributors on the site, and no one is awkwardly trying to compete with Vulture anymore. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro, CNET]

• Other Gawker firings: Benny Goldman is out at Gizmodo, and Jezebel editors Tracie Egan, Sadie Stein, and Megan Carpentier have been pushed to part-time. Apparently, though, Nick Denton’s blog company is still growing! [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro, FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

• But don’t get too excited: Newspaper ad revenue is down, oh, you know, $2 billion. [HuffPo]

• Condé Nast’s social-networking site for teenage girls,, has no friends, and is folding. What will this do to their self-esteem? [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

Media Slaughter Leaves Anna Wintour Thus Far Untouched