Mickey Rourke Drank and Drugged to Quench the Fire Inside

The ex-wife of long-ago Mets legend Art Shamsky is suing him, saying he gave her HPV, the virus that causes genital warts and sometimes cervical cancer, by cheating on her with both men and women. Tina Turner did not let a raging fever stop her from performing her heart (legs?) out before an MSG audience including Anne Hathaway and second-anniversary-celebrating Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet gave a live Q&A after a screening of their new movie, Revolutionary Road, at AMC Loews 34th Street, but Paramount overbooked and turned away, like, 200 really important people who may decide the movie’s Oscar fate. Donald Trump is mad that his brother Robert, who’s in a divorce battle with Blaine, didn’t get a prenup from her when he told the Donald that he did. Eva Amurri and Julianne Moore are risking their and others’ lives walking and driving while on their BlackBerry Bolds. At a Soho House screening of Mickey Rourke’s new movie, The Wrestler, Alec Baldwin said that Rourke took drugs, drank, and acted oddly to put out the fire inside him.

Cindy Adams ran her hand appreciatively over Beyoncé’s juicy curves at the opening of the movie Cadillac Records. Great, Cin, now you think you’re Liz Smith. Robert Kennedy Jr. says he’s not vying to be head of the EPA under Obama; also, his aunt, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, is still alive, contrary to what the News just reported. Big PR lady Harriet Weintraub says it’s not true that she stormed out of the New York City Ballet gala in a huff because she didn’t get an A-list orchestra seat like Sarah Jessica Parker and Alicia Keys did. David Charvet shoved some press people he thought were getting too close to his fiancée, Brooke Burke, at Lance Bass’s party at Citrine.

Roman Polanski is trying to get the 30-year-old charges against him of having sex with an underage girl thrown out so he can come back to the U.S. and (we bet) go straight to Disney World. Extending its cluelessness right through its very last holiday season, the Bush White House sent out invites to a Hanukkah reception with a Christmas tree on them. Too bad they’ll be out of the White House before they can send out the Easter Bunny Passover cards. Cher is putting out an album of sixties songs that may include the “Believe” vocoder effect. Jessica Simpson wants to go to theology school after watching a Discovery Channel show on The Da Vinci Code eight times.

Eva Longoria Parker and Lauren Conrad don’t want to be photographed smoking in public, but Katherine Heigl doesn’t even bother trying to hide it even though she plays a doctor. Cool. Britney Spears celebrated her 27th birthday on Good Morning America and later at Tenjune, and will start a U.S. tour March 3 in New Orleans. Patrick Swayze rails against The National Enquirer’s sensationalist, inaccurate coverage of his battle with pancreatic cancer as though he actually expects better from them. Gary Coleman must pay a $100 fine after he pleaded no contest to charges that he ran his truck into a guy who tried to take his picture on his cell phone outside a bowling alley in Salt Lake City. And every single element of that item is just so depressing.

Mickey Rourke Drank and Drugged to Quench the Fire Inside