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NPR Is Philosophical About Cutbacks

Though one Website conglomerate is making waves of layoffs, an important entertainment magazine might be going digital, and another Time, Inc. magazine has completely folded, today was a comparatively calm day in the media world. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t still sad!

CNET Networks is making rounds of layoffs, though CBS purchased the media company, which includes domain names like “” and “,” for $1.8 billion less than a year ago. [Valleywag]

Entertainment Weekly has maintained a circulation of over one million, but it’s still losing advertising money. As a result, the mag may be considering a bold online-only move. [Gawker]

Time Canada is indeed folding, as we heard yesterday. In fact, this is the magazine’s last week, so get your collector’s copy now. [Masthead Online]

• If Google bought the New York Times, would Nicholas Kristof wear Cons to work? We may soon find out. [Splice Today]

• Yesterday, NPR’s “Day to Day” hosts, Alex Cohen and Madeleine Brand, discovered that their show is being canceled in March, and they’re being released along with it. Today’s “Day to Day” topic? Job prospects for laid-off journalists. [NPR]

• During the third quarter of 2008, online ad revenue increased by 7 percent. Hopes were for an upswing a bit higher — last year, for example, it went up 17 percent. But in this economy, we’ll take what we can get. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

NPR Is Philosophical About Cutbacks