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Oh, Plaxico. Don’t You Watch Law & Order?

Police raided Plaxico Burress’s home yesterday looking for evidence to support their case against him for accidentally shooting himself in the leg with an unregistered handgun at the midtown club Latin Quarter at the start of the month. If Plaxico ever watched any television crime series, he should know that whether or not he got rid of the evidence of the crime he’s being charged with, he should definitely get rid of any other sketchy business he’s got in his house — even if it’s perfectly legal. But apparently he’s no CSI fan, because when Totowa, New Jersey, cops entered his home with warrants, they discovered:

• One 9mm handgun
• A rifle
• A “small cache” of ammo for .380, .45. and .40 caliber guns (the last is the caliber of the gun used to shoot himself)
• A pair of blood-soaked jeans
• A suitcase full of money

Christ. This all doesn’t mean he did anything else wrong, but if you were a Giants team owner trying to decide whether to keep Plaxico on, surely the words “suitcase full of money” (and even just “cache”) don’t spell “family-friendly sports entertainment.”


Oh, Plaxico. Don’t You Watch Law & Order?