Old Ladies Continue Winning Streak Against Thugs

Here at Daily Intel, we cannot get enough of stupid petty-crime stories. Remember the burger-making burglar at the belly-dancing bar? Or the guy who thought he could use a white Infiniti as a getaway car? Well, today’s Post has a really good one. Two thugs who beat up an old lady for her purse in the Bronx didn’t have a getaway plan, so they tried to hail a gypsy cab. Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t tell the difference between a Lincoln Town Car and a Ford Crown Victoria, and they ended up actually flagging down a car filled with cops. Hilarity ensued:

… when the officers asked the moronic muggers for I.D., one of them pulled out the 70-year-old victim’s wallet, cops said. When the creep realized what he had done, police said, he absurdly blurted out, “I just found this!” As this was happening, the elderly woman was being carried to an ambulance. She saw her alleged attackers and identified them on the spot, police said.

You know the only kind of stories we like better then moronic-thug stories? Stories where moronic thugs go up against old ladies and totally get their asses handed to them.


Old Ladies Continue Winning Streak Against Thugs