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Samantha Ronson Sickened From ‘Working Too Much’

Usually when we hear a celebrity checks into to the hospital for “exhaustion,” like Samantha Ronson did over the weekend, we immediately think, insofar as we think about it at all, Bullshit, it’s probably more like:

(a) starvation
(b) clenbuterol jitters
(c) an abortion
(d) a hilarious STD like crabs
(e) a hair transplant

Because, you know, we are horrible people. But what if we’re wrong and it’s actually true? Maybe going to clubs and restaurants and being photographed all the time really is in and of itself actually exhausting? And maybe the hospital is like the only place where you can lie flat, in comfortable clothes, with no makeup, and still get the exact same amount of attention you get when you are walking around in the world? Because we can see how that would be sort of comforting and relaxing.

Samantha Ronson Hospitalized, Thanks Fans for Support [People]

Samantha Ronson Sickened From ‘Working Too Much’