So Plaxico Burress Walked Into a Bar…

The many masks of Hillary Clinton.

Details are coming together about what happened after Giants receiver Plaxico Burress pulled a Suge Knight on Friday night and accidentally shot himself in the leg at the midtown club Latin Quarter. The Post reports that a series of efforts to hide the injury (and crime — carrying the unlicensed .40-caliber handgun was a felony) characterized the hours after the gunshot. First, employees at Latin Quarter didn’t report the incident to police, and rushed Burress out of the club without even cleaning up the mess he left behind. He took the gun with him and spent roughly 90 (probably very painful, let’s hope at least a little drunk) minutes calling hospitals to see where he could be treated discreetly, after which he went to New York–Cornell Hospital and checked in under a false name, even though hospital workers recognized him. Burress told administrators in the emergency room that his name was Harris Smith and that he was shot at Applebee’s, which was apparently believable enough for them to decide not to report the gunshot wound as required by law. Applebee’s, who knew? Eventually, Giants officials called police, and this morning, Burress turned himself in to the NYPD at the 17th Precinct. The team is still waiting to decide what to do regarding Burress’s future.

But the detail we liked best came from the Daily News report this morning. Fellow Giant Brandon Jacobs told cops that Burress last night was already “laughing and grinning” about the incident. “I called him and made a few jokes about the situation and he laughed,” Jacobs told reporters last night. “Which is what I wanted to hear.” Because really, what’s the point of becoming the butt of citywide jokes if you can’t get some laughs yourself?

Plaxico Burress jokes with teammates on eve of turning self in to cops [NYDN]

So Plaxico Burress Walked Into a Bar…