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The Media Comes Out at Night

CNN is killing its news crawl and Charlie Rose is laying off staffers, but media parties, it seems, may live forever. More scary news from a changing industry, after the jump.

• The CNN news crawl, that infinite string of news briefs that appeared on your TV screen beginning on 9/11, has been killed, as the network aims to de-clutter the screen. [NYT]

• Though private funding keeps Digg afloat, the popular aggregator Website is actually losing millions of dollars every year. The Internet — it’s just like print. [Business Week]

• Charlie Rose has fired staffers, but he appreciated them. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

• Wenner Media had a fashion-focused spin-off of Us Weekly in the works, but it’s postponing the magazine’s launch until next fall. [MediaWeek]

• The media might be dying, but some media parties go on, as those out of work took to the open bar at the American Society of Shit-Canned Media Elites party. “I have a couple of friends who are applying to law school,” organizer Aaron Gell told Ad Age. “But I know a lot more people who still have this incredible creative impulse.” It’s aliiiive! [Ad Age]

The Media Comes Out at Night