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The Post Thinks It Has Found Caroline Kennedy’s Flaw

The Post today reminds us all why we shouldn’t get that tattoo on a drunken bet. See, it’s been known for decades that Caroline Kennedy once had a tattoo of a butterfly inside her elbow. She even wore a band around her arm on her wedding day in 1986 to hide it in pictures. But now that she’s being talked about to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate, the tabloid brings up the story as if it’s breaking news. (Actually, as you can see in this picture from the DNC, it has partially been removed.) Because the tat is in such an obvious place, the judging will never end! But the Post, as only they could, also does give us a hilarious blow-by-blow of how she happened to get it in the early eighties:

During a night out in Hong Kong, Caroline, her brother, John F. Kennedy Jr., and her cousins Edward “Teddy” Kennedy Jr., 47, and Kara Anne Kennedy, 48, challenged one another with a mischievous dare, a source said, noting that the group had consumed a few drinks. The boys challenged the girls to get a late-night “tat” at a nearby parlor. Caroline and Kara went first and emerged “bruised and bloodied,” emblazoned with butterflies on their arms. But when it came time for Teddy and John Jr. to reciprocate, the men “chickened out,” refusing to go through with the dare.

This touching anecdote teaches us two things: One, Caroline Kennedy is an actual human, something we’d been unsure about until just now. And two, this might be the only time in history when an easily hidden tramp stamp might have been the better choice.


The Post Thinks It Has Found Caroline Kennedy’s Flaw