Time Warner Center Springs for Snow

Some people have Grinch-ily canceled their annual holiday lobby decorations this year, but the Time Warner Center is picking up the slack. They’ve filled the Seasonal Spirit gap by hiring Los Angeles–based company Magic Snow — which normally conjures snowfall for the poor, deprived children of California billionaires who do not get to experience winter — to drop spontaneous faux snowfall on shoppers and tourists throughout the holiday season. The snowflakes — which are made of 90 percent water and 10 percent God knows what (it’s a company secret but it’s something that makes them dissolve on contact) — are being met with some skepticism by East Coasters: “It does drift into the Whole Foods below,” writes one commenter on the Times Website. “I’ve had to leave the sit-down area, with my hot food covered so as to avoid it landing on the food.” (Yes, God, don’t let that stuff mess with your tempeh, it’s probably people.) But it’s a pretty good deal: Magic Snow founder Adam Williams tells Daily Intel he only charges around $100,000 for the holiday season, or less than half the price of a model train set. “Which is a small price to pay for manipulating Mother Nature,” he said. And people are really into it:

“It’s fabulous and festive and exciting,” said Laurie Giddins, who had brought her 4-year-old daughter Elena to experience the snow. Elena was suitable enchanted. “Wow!” she said, as she watched the snow.

Ah, humans. Such simple creatures we are, really. Give us a little water and some unnamed chemicals and we’re thrilled.

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, Indoors [NYT]

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Time Warner Center Springs for Snow