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Times Alcohol Blog Kind of a Buzzkill

It felt like spooky coincidence to Daily Intel when we came across the teaser for “Proof,” a new Times blog devoted to alcohol and alcohol consumption, on the front page of the paper early this morning. We had just awoken nearly incapacitated from a dalliance with a large pink drink called the Bahama Mama, served at recession-friendly venue Dallas BBQ on the Upper West Side (Have you ever been there? Seriously, they serve their drinks in vats), and our heads were pounding. We soon got distracted by our quest for eggs and coffee, but just now we remembered to click over and look at Proof, and while we can report that the entries therein are entertaining and informative, we must also say they are a total buzzkill. Witness this sentence, from an essay by David Kramer that started out so enjoyably and then went so terribly, terribly wrong:

My bodily functions almost ceased. For days I couldn’t process anything. I slowly started to fill up with my own waste like a Port-a-John at a summertime rock concert.

Yeah. Sorry we showed you that, but we needed to use a little shock therapy in order to make our point, which is: Why are all the personal stories about alcohol about the dark side of alcohol consumption? It almost makes you forget that the whole reason people drink is because it’s fun. So, if anyone has any happy stories about drinking, please put them in the comments. Today of all days, we really need them.

Proof [NYT]

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Times Alcohol Blog Kind of a Buzzkill