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What Are Your Buzzwords of 2009?

We were intrigued by the item in “Page Six” this morning that says Graydon Carter, in speaking to a group of American Express executives this week, revealed he had “buzzwords for 2009.” They were: “sophisticated, innovative and entitlement.”

Interesting! We knew that trend gurus like Faith Popcorn had buzzwords that people paid good money to hear, but not regular ol’ magazine editor dudes. What does Graydon do with buzzwords? Are they for his own use, like does he go around the Vanity Fair offices or sit at the bar at the Waverly Inn just, like, mumbling them, like a trendy little mantra, in hopes they will guide everything that he does? Does anyone else have buzzwords for 2009? A quick survey of random people on IM this morning reveals that yes, in fact, they do!

Daily Intel editor Chris’s are “thrilling, hangover, adventure”
Roving articles editor Nick Catucci’s are “wandering, post-apocalyptic, whiskey”
Copy editor Megan Creydt’s are “thrift, whimsy, presence”
Observer editor Doree Shafrir’s are “enlightened, creative, purposeful”
Gawker editor Alex Pareene’s are “reorganization, pandemic, and blagojevich”

Okay, so ours are “plump, sprightly, and tactile.” What are yours?


What Are Your Buzzwords of 2009?