‘21’ Had to Go Ahead and Spill That Dubya’s Never Visited

Anne Hathaway cut out early from the Bride Wars premiere party at Tiffany to go smoke and play pool at the Rose Bar. Olivia Palermo’s cousin Nevan Donahue, the one who had to pay a fine for spitting on the subway on The City, has a warrant out for his arrest for not meeting the terms of his probation for picking up a hooker in West Palm Beach in 2007. Dubya still hasn’t eaten at ‘21,’ unlike every president since FDR. “We’re still hoping,” said an insider at the restaurant — who you’d think would be relieved to have avoided having to serve O’Douls at his legendary bar, and wouldn’t put this out there with only two weeks left until they’re in the clear. Agnes Gund may become an arts adviser to Obama or head of the National Endowment of the Arts.

Bill O’Reilly, Rolonda Watts, and Deborah Norville will be among those celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Inside Edition tomorrow at Caffe Cielo. Taylor Momsen covered her face and made a huge scene leaving a Maryland restaurant even though no one apparently recognized that she was Little J. (Reality check, Taylor: GG has only 2. 5 million viewers — that’s fewer than the number of recap commenters on this Website.) Oprah’s rep denies that Oprah is trying to throw a huge, secret party for Obama during Inauguration Week, during which she will tape her show live in D.C.

Cin says she hears it’s not true that Brad and Jennifer are in touch after all. That’s a shame, because what does Jennifer do when she gets Brad’s old mail? Cin also says the post–Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead may reunite again after doing an Obama fund-raiser. Meanwhile, Liz Smith devotes another entire column to that newish book about the mob killing JFK and MLK, so we’d better go ahead and name it this time: Legacy of Secrecy by Lamar Waldron. Liz, you are totally obsessed, just like the Kevin Costner character in JFK!

Rachael Ray is having a nude, six-foot portrait of herself painted in which her skin tones are created from paprika mixed with oils. Can you paint that in 30 minutes or less? Roseanne Barr, who is Jewish, weighed in on the Gaza conflict, calling Israel “a NAZI state” (caps hers) on her blog and denouncing “right-wing Israel Über alles crap” on her radio show, then just going for the brass ring and saying, “I hate everybody, hope the whole world blows itself up.” You’ve always seen the big picture, Roseanne. Nancy Grace has a lady-prosecutor crime novel coming out that comes with a hydraulic arm that will punch sex offenders who try to read it. Casey Wilson is going to do a Suri Cruise imitation on SNL. Perez Hilton says that when he dresses for an event, he thinks, “What would Perez wear?” So do we … then we wear something else! Madonna’s trying to get Britney back into Kabbalah to keep her grounded and centered. Barbie and Ken dolls were created a by a sex fiend who sought out women who looked like Barbie and then put his nose in their breasts.

‘21’ Had to Go Ahead and Spill That Dubya’s Never Visited