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Alexandra Penney Makes a Run for the Border

Former Self editor Alexandra Penney has been chronicling the changes in her lifestyle on the Daily Beast since mid-December, when she found out that Bernie Madoff, with whom she had invested her live savings, was, well, Bernie Madoff. Readers brave enough to regard what was billed as a catalogue of her “wrenching trauma” felt slightly cheated when they found out that the atrocities she had been subjected to included being forced to give up Yolanda (the woman who ironed her sheets) and to take the subway for the first time in 30 years, and a hearty guffaw was had by all. But we secretly empathized with Penney — what happened to her sucked, and at least she was being honest about it. We feel even worse today, after a CNN story informs us that things have gotten much worse for A-Penns:

She used to lunch at the exclusive Four Seasons Hotel. Now the best-selling author jokes that she’s inviting friends to Taco Bell.

Oh, honey. Clearly you need some poor friends to steer you in the right direction. Like toward Chipotle. Mmkay? One bag lady to another.

Life savings gone, ‘Madoff-ed’ best-selling writer back at work [CNN]

Alexandra Penney Makes a Run for the Border