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Andrea Correale Is Not a ‘North Shore Gold Coast Snobby Bitch,’ Okay?

The Greatest Depression has made the populace hungry, if not yet for bread, then for vengeance. That what it’s starting to seem like, anyway — that people are no longer satisfied to heap scorn on the guys at the top of the pyramid — the Richard Fulds or the Madoffs — but will direct their ire at anyone who appears to have benefited from the gilded age, like Alexandra Penney at the Daily Beast or Andrea Correale, who is featured in a kind of random story in this morning’s Post. Headlined “poor little rich girl,” it’s about ways in which Correale, a Long Island caterer who owns her own firm, amended her personal budget in light of the recession. Innocent enough, except the Post totally mocks her as she outlines her plan to save by getting less facials and ending her expensive car lease — a picture of her is captioned, “BUDDY, CAN YOU SPARE A SERVANT?” and refers to her “tightening the strings of her designer purses.”

It seemed odd, we thought when we saw it. Why would Correale sign up for that kind of treatment? Not that it would be the first time someone voluntarily exploited themselves in the Post. But still. We thought we’d call her and ask.

The whole thing was taken out of context, and I wasn’t thrilled at all,” she said. “They said they were doing a story about women entrepreneurs and how the economy is affecting them, and the interview was all about my work. I said, ‘I’ve had layoffs this year, I’m thinking I’m going to be much leaner.’ I talked about ways in which we were cutting back as a business. Then at the very end, they asked how it affected me personally and I told them a little bit about that, you know, ‘I can dry my own hair.’ Then I open the paper and it was like, What? I’m not the little North Shore Gold Coast snobby bitch that spends all their time shopping! That’s not who I am.”

Commenters on the Post website picked up the paper’s tone.

u sound like a whiny, complaining, (formerly) rich, spoiled, materialistic, superficial, jack*ss. too bad you wasted so much $ on materialistic crud that you dont need.”

People! Please. This didn’t turn out well last time.


Andrea Correale Is Not a ‘North Shore Gold Coast Snobby Bitch,’ Okay?