Barack and Michelle’s First Dance: Middle-School Marvelous

Let it not be said that your Daily Intel editors cannot admit it when they are wrong. Last week, we bemoaned the decision to have Beyoncé perform the song during which Michelle and Barack Obama would step out for their first dance. What could she possibly sing, we wondered, that would be appropriate? And wouldn’t she overwhelm the moment with her larger-than-life performance style?

Well, despite our best efforts to poop the party, Beyoncé did a very nice job. Of course, as we should have realized, she sang an Etta James song, “At Last,” which she also performed in her most recent movie, Cadillac Records. It was an obvious choice, and a good one — not only did the focus remain on the Obamas, but it also sounded great. And yes, we were even more won over when the performer herself teared up at the end.

But we were right in one regard: Beyoncé’s effortlessness did throw into contrast Barack’s (and maybe Michelle’s, it was hard to tell) complete lack of dance prowess. For a while the First Couple made a valiant effort at twirling and swaying in an old-fashioned style (though thank God they hadn’t choreographed anything — it is a wedding-dance tune, after all). But halfway through the song, they adorably gave up and just started rocking back and forth while hugging and giggling. It was straight out of junior high, and we kind of loved it.

Beyoncé At Last (Barack & Michelle Obama First Dance) [YouTube]
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Barack and Michelle’s First Dance: Middle-School Marvelous