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Chuck Schumer Has a Posse

Last week, Charles Schumer and fellow Senate Banking Committee member Richard Shelby introduced legislation that proposed adding hundreds of new prosecutors and investigators to the Department of Justice, including the FBI and the SEC — enforcement officials whose express purpose would be to crack down on financial crime and prevent future Madoffs. Fancy! While the busy bees over at Dick Wolf’s Law & Order franchise have doubtless already cast a statuesque women to play the head of the Special Finance Unit, Schumer may have something scrappier in mind. As he told the Times today:

Our proposal would not just provide more resources, but it would work like a posse to go after this fraud.”

A posse! A Street posse. We like it. This could be the next big thing! All it needs is a logo.

Troubled Times Bring More Ponzi Inquiries [NYT]

Chuck Schumer Has a Posse