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Eddy Curry Called Anti-Semitic, Gay, and a Few Other Things

Right about now, Eddy Curry probably pines for the days when the only thing he was accused of was being fat. Because today (in addition to being called fat by his coach in an unrelated story), we learn of court papers filed yesterday by Curry’s former driver, David Kuchinsky, that charge Curry with repeatedly approaching Kuchinsky while in the nude and spouting sweet nothings like “Come and touch it, Dave.” But that’s not all!

Kuchinsky‘s suit also says that Curry made him perform humiliating tasks such as “cleaning up and removing dirty towels [into which Curry had ejaculated] so that his wife would not see them.” But there’s even more! He also claims Curry used a number of slurs, ranging from racially charged (“white slave,” “Grandmaster of the KKK”) to anti-Semitic (“f—ing Jew”). Oh, and Kuchinsky also says Curry twice pointed a loaded gun at him.

Kuchinsky is seeking $98,000 plus damages, which his lawyer suggests can be upward of $5 million. Curry denies all of it, and his lawyer is quick to point out that Kuchinsky himself is a convicted felon, having spent three years in a New Jersey prison because of a 1992 burglary. But whether or not all of these claims are true (and it’s hard to believe that they are), it really is the mother of all lawsuits. It’s got a little sexual harassment (shades of Isiah Thomas), a little gunplay with the chauffeur (remember Jayson Williams?), some claims of homosexuality (sort of like the Jeff Garcia accusations, but more litigious), and just a hint of anti-Semitism. It’s got it all!


Eddy Curry Called Anti-Semitic, Gay, and a Few Other Things