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Fred Armisen and Elizabeth Moss Are Engaged All of a Sudden

On the scale in our minds that rates all celebrities from one to ten on their celebrity-ness, Angelina Jolie is like a ten, because she can’t go out in public or eat anything and may not even have regular bodily functions, while Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives is like a one, because she e-mailed us just this morning about her crush on Ed Westwick. And before today, we would have placed Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen and Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss at a two, because while she is on a hit show, they totally seem just like the sort of people you might run into at a friend’s party. But apparently they are much more celebrity-y than we thought, because the Post reported they were “canoodling” just this month, and they are now all of a sudden quick getting married! And it’s being reported by Us Weekly!

It happened just a few days ago,” Moss, 26, first told on Thursday. “It’s private, so I don’t want to share the details of how it happened, but I will say it was perfect.”

If next week they issue a joint statement about how they’ve decided to end their relationship but will remained committed and caring friends, we may have to elevate them to a five. (Which is like, Heidi Montag’s level!)

SNL’s Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss: Engaged [Us]
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Fred Armisen and Elizabeth Moss Are Engaged All of a Sudden