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Glenn Beck Cries on First Day of School Work

Okay, okay, so we know that Glenn Beck — for all of his sometime affability — is a little bit of a crybaby. But we didn’t realize that he showed off the talent on his first day of work at Fox News. On Monday, when many of us were half-working and half-sleeping, Beck debuted his new show. He got choked up while introducing his very first major guest, Sarah Palin, because they have something in common: a special-needs child.

The tears are already being called symbolic of the future of this program, good or bad. Left-wing blogger John Aravosis says “Uh huh. Then when she comes on the air, he says ‘you are one hot grandma, I’m just saying.’ Yes, and we’re the ones who treat Sarah Palin differently because she’s a woman.” The writers at Crooks and Liars say they “couldn’t think of a more fitting wingnut clip to show on the day of Barack Obama’s historic inauguration than Beck getting choked up introducing the person who will most likely go down as one of the biggest punch lines in political history — Sarah Palin.”

But the anti-liberal media team over at Newsbusters think he “demonstrated why he’s so popular with conservatives. He’s a real guy talking about real issues to real people interested in the truth.”

Usually, when one cries on the first day of work, it’s because nobody is explaining anything to him, or she has to go number two in the big office bathroom. And in those cases, the sobbing is usually done subtly and under the desk. In Glenn’s case, he’s making a real statement. What do you think would happen if, say, Keith Olbermann cried on his first day on a new show?

(Meanwhile, Sarah Palin — sultrier by the minute.)

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Glenn Beck Cries on First Day of School Work