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Gossip Girl Needs to Earn Back Our Trust

[Ed: Continuing with the tradition we started last week, we have handed over the final Gossip Girl recap comment tallies for the week over to a commenter. This week, your host is none other than ComfortablySmug.]

Georgina or the Italian au pair? This week, questions abounded over who got Chucked first, a question fueling as much debate as the legality of Bart’s will. Jack Bass’s stock continued to rise among his nascent fan base, eager to vocalize their adulation for the new head of Bass Industries. Most noteworthy, perhaps, was the expression of frustration with the uneven plot development, causing many a fan to pull an Eric and let it be known when they’re annoyed. So while we wait for next week’s episode, let’s review our favorite comments from this week after the jump.

Realer Than a Washed-up Rock Star Stuck With Bad Tattoos Long After His Career Has Faded: [Ed: we think those might actually be Matthew Settle’s real tattoos.]

• Blair ends a conversation with Serena with “Ta!” Plus 5. —gg12345

Plus 2 for the emergence of Blair’s rack. Fantastic —ComfortablySmug (echoed by others) [Ed: Mmm. Smug, we know it’s in your nature, but self-congratulation on official posts is frowned upon]

Plus 2 at the awkward bromance between Nate and Dan. My straight friend tells me this is sadly realistic, including the ‘almost-want-to-hug-you-but-can’t-because-I-don’t-want-to- show-too-much-affection’ pose. —Groupie

Plus 100 for the fact that Chuck was wearing Bart’s tie to the will reading, you could tell that it was the same one in the picture of Bart when he was getting ready, because underneath all that malice, Chuck really only wants fatherly approval. —RGH

• When Chuck confronts Jack, we have a shot over Bart’s desk and Plus 10 for letting us see a extra-cute pictures of little blond Chuck before italian au pair version!!! —italianaupair

Plus 5 for the crushed up blue pills on Chuck’s desk. Blowing Adderall, so high school. —Elainebenice

Plus 5 because the opening song is called “the error of the mirror” and Blair and Chuck figure prominently. They are each the other’s worst nightmare and worst reflection. —DisplacedNYer

• At Dylan’s Candy Bar, Vanessa is flattered that those weird hobbit like girls know who she is. Plus 10 because, like all fake hipsters, Vanessa wants to be of the in-crowd. —DisplacedNYer

Faker Than a Friend Who’d Pick a New Girlfriend Over a Brunch Celebrating Your Recently Acquired Billions:

Minus 10 for that awful denim button down Nate was wearing. It looks like Vanessa was stealing clothes from Rufus to give to her sad sad poor boyfriend. —trivialpursuits

• I struggle now to feel anything during these Chuck/Blair scenes because at this point we know there’s going to be five more instances where one of them utters “I’M DONE” in Season 2 alone. —sakade

Minus 5 because once the Mean Girls announced to the world that Lily and Rufus had a baby together, couldn’t Jenny just have spilled all of THEIR secrets in retaliation? Remember how scared they were of Little J last episode?!?! —LobstersAreAGirlsBestFriend

Minus 3 for Rufus and Lily not even asking to see a photo of their son. He’s dead, so they’re not even curious. Lily practically breathed a sigh of relief. —Tiger_Lily

Minus 30 because Blair is too young to be playing the idiotic wall street wife but she is doing a damn good job of it when she falls for the “working late” line… HE’S IN HIGH SCHOOL. —lagitananueva

Gossip Girl Needs to Earn Back Our Trust