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Hugh Jackman Went Schwimming at the Schnabels’!

Now that they have a home in New York City — a cozy, 11,000-square-foot triplex at Richard Meier’s 176 Perry — Hugh Jackman and family are spending more time here. They love all the glass and the views, the couple told us at the “Nomad: Two Worlds” exhibition opening on Thursday. That view includes the Hudson River. “I saw all the boats, I thought it was a regatta,” Deborra-Lee Jackman said of US Airways Flight 1549 that floated by after the crash-landing in the Hudson last week. “And then someone rang and told me what happened. It was right outside our place.”

Before selecting the Perry Street place, the family considered another place.

They looked at Julian Schnabel’s Palazzo Chupi. “It was amazing,” Jackman said. They still visit the pink Palazzo now that they’re in the nabe. “We went for a swim there the other day.”

But other than that, Jackman insists, they’re just like us. “We do the subway, you know, we’re New Yorkers,” he said. “It’s quicker. Everyone knows that.” Maybe it’s the Wolverine-ish beard he’s sporting these days, but Jackman claims that people don’t bother him too much. “New Yorkers are very cool,” he says. “Sometimes it can get a little problematic with tourists, but New Yorkers themselves, they’re kind of like Australians, they’ll tell you what they think of your latest movie, good or bad, and then move right along, you know?”

Hugh Jackman Went Schwimming at the Schnabels’!