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Lily Van Der Woodsen to Ditch New York for Melrose Place?!?!?!

Kelly Rutherford’s divorce proceedings have officially gotten disturbing. In response to her husband’s allegations that she was neglecting their son for her role on Gossip Girl, Rutherford said something that simply boggled our minds.

During the hearing, Rutherford mentioned that she would leave Gossip Girl if necessary.

“If I’m being asked to choose that over my son, I’d choose my son,” she said.

Right? We know. It’s like, hello, it’s a baby. It’s not like they’re fun to be around. What do they even do? They can’t talk and they don’t have enough muscle control to cook or do chores! Really, we don’t understand her reasoning here.

Then her husband spoke, and things got even worse.

His declaration also revealed that Rutherford has been offered a role in a new CW revival of Melrose Place.

“[Rutherford] told me before we separated that she had been offered a part on that show, which will be filming in Los Angeles, and she would be able to change shows, and continue to work for the same employer but in Los Angeles,” he wrote.

WHAT. What is with the intra-network poaching? Why would the CW offer her another job when she’s already on one of their shows? Talk about neglectful parenting. That’s like a mother eating the head of its own young! We hate to say it, folks, but we fear this could be the beginning of the end.

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Lily Van Der Woodsen to Ditch New York for Melrose Place?!?!?!