Lindsay Lohan Ate Two Full Meals!

Madonna and A-Rod came back together at Jerry Seinfeld’s Hamptons home. John Thain loudly asked for tap water instead of bottled at San Pietro, and Stan O’Neal left the waiter $11.50 on a $134.50 check. Brad and Angelina are moving into a $40 million estate on Long Island’s Gold Coast while Angelina shoots a new movie there called Salt. Gwyneth’s new gym in the Village is so exclusive she may not even have room there for her own mother.

Mario Batali won’t let fellow chef Gordon Ramsay into any of his restaurants now because Gordon called Mario “Fanta Pants.” The late Leona Helmsley made Slate’s list of the 60 biggest charitable givers for leaving $5.2 billion to support homeless dogs. J.Lo maybe wants to go act in In the Heights or make a movie version of it because she loves it so much. Perry Farrell gave a free show singing his old hits at the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar last weekend.

Cindy Adams has all the latest on Sarah Palin’s bid to one day be president, including that Sarah’s going to a big GOP dinner Cin apparently wasn’t invited to. Cindy also says that there’ll be a Broadway version of the “Thriller” video and that Michael will be involved in it.

NBC locked out a PETA vegetarians-have-better-sex Super Bowl commercial because it had explicit content like an actress rubbing her pelvic region with a pumpkin. A Bahamian medic has said he’s not guilty of trying to blackmail John Travolta with photos of Travolta’s dying son in the back of an ambulance. Bill-Without-Hillary, A-Rod, Spike Lee, Derek Jeter, and Michael Jordan all hung out on Paradise Island in the Bahamas last weekend. Meryl Streep was so happy at the SAG Awards that she told Alec Baldwin she’d do an episode of 30 Rock. Also at the SAG Awards, Josh Brolin and Sean Penn were hanging out again.

Fabolous’s credit cards all failed on a huge liquor tab at an Atlanta restaurant so he paid in cash. Lindsay Lohan, worrisomely skinny again, “recently … ate two full meals,” says her publicist. Good, so we’re covered through February.

Lindsay Lohan Ate Two Full Meals!