Madoff Stays Free

Wow. Judge Ronald Ellis just pissed a lot of people off. The judge rejected a bid by prosecutors to send Bernie Madoff to jail just now, a week after the Ponzi schemer seemingly attempted to hoard assets by mailing his friends and family a million dollars worth of Hanukkah gifts. But it’s not like Madoff will get to do whatever he wants. He’ll get to stay living in the warm comfort of his Upper East side penthouse, but he’ll have to devote at least some of his time to making up a list of items in his apartment. Let’s hope he doesn’t cheat!

Financier Madoff stays in penthouse, avoids jail [AP]

UPDATE: Fox Business News is streaming live from his apartment building, lest a spontaneous stoning or something break out, we suppose. [Fox Business]


Madoff Stays Free