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Magazine Readers Can’t Afford a Country Home

In today’s media world, second-home mags are shuttering, celebrity magazines are downsizing, and the New York Times receives more attention and speculation. Sigh. Commence.

Country Home magazine has folded; people are struggling to pay for their country homes, let alone a magazine about them. The magazine’s parent company, Meredith Corp., has also laid off 250 employees. [Mediaweek]

• Everyone’s talking about the New York Times: In response to the Atlantic’s Michael Hirschorn’s speculation that the paper could cease to publish as early as this May, Portfolio’s Felix Salmon, the New Yorker’s James Surowiecki, and Poynter’s Rick Edmonds have disputed the math behind the Atlantic’s claim. But Hirschorn said “like May,” all right?

The Morning Show with Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy will cease to air after June. [Mediaweek]

Star is the latest celeb mag to be hit with layoffs. Well, rumors of layoffs, but the magazine is used to those. [Gawker]

• Like the Times, the Boston Globe will begin advertising on its front page, because Boston’s always one step behind New York. [Boston Globe]

• Deathwatch Digest! Dow Jones has frozen its employees’ salaries; 300 employees at the Buffalo News are being Los Angeles Daily News; and the Minnesota Daily has eliminated its Friday print edition.

Magazine Readers Can’t Afford a Country Home