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Magazines Evolve, and Magazines Die Away

In today’s media news, U.S. News & World Report adapts to its new environment, while a Disney parenting magazine pays the price for, to paraphrase Darwin, increasing at a greater rate than its means of subsistence.

• Lynette Harrison left In Style after a “disastrous March issue,” ad pages in Bazaar and Elle are down, and Disney is closing its Wondertime parenting magazine — despite the fact that it “had reached 650,000 circulation … the ad market didn’t keep pace.” [NYP]

U.S. News & World Report is going back to producing weekly issues, only now they’re doing it online. [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

CBS will air a special edition of Katie Couric’s Evening News at 8 p.m. next Wednesday, instead of at 6:30, in an effort to boost ratings. But can Katie Couric compete with the prime-time extravaganza that is Paula Abdul on American Idol? [NYT]

• The bad news is that Forbes’ list of the 25 Most Influential Liberals in the U.S. Media is mostly dudes. The good news is that one of them is New York’s own Kurt Andersen. [Forbes]

Magazines Evolve, and Magazines Die Away