Awesome: Marcus Schrenker Pleads Not Guilty

The evidence that Indiana financier Marcus Schrenker planned to fake his own death by parachuting out of a small plane and radioing in a phony distress call is pretty overwhelming. Let’s review:

Exhibit A: Plane After his distress call, in which he said the plane’s windshield had shattered and he was bleeding profusely, the Coast Guard spotted Schrenker’s plane flying empty with the driver’s-side door open. They followed it until it crashed in a swamp, where they found it intact with no blood inside.
Exhibit B: Script What was inside was a script for Schrenker’s distress call, scribbled on the back of a book of campgrounds in the area. It read: “cracked windshield, window imploded, bleeding profusely.”
Exhibit C: Storage Space, Motorcycle, Clothes Schrenker had rented a storage space where he was keeping a red motorcycle. It was under an alias, but he left his clothes there when he went to pick it up, just in case there was any doubt it was him.
Exhibit D: Spotted: Emerging from the woods in Alabama wearing aviation goggles. Spotted: Checking into a motel. Spotted: Running into the woods behind motel. Found: Hiding out at one of the campgrounds written up in the aforementioned book.

How do you plead, Mr. Schrenker? “Not guilty, your honor.”

Pilot Pleads Not Guilty in Plane Crash Death Hoax [CNN]
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Awesome: Marcus Schrenker Pleads Not Guilty