Maybe Everything’s Okay Between Sarah Jessica and Matthew After All

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick went to a Broadway opening together last week and held hands the whole night, perhaps to quiet the separation rumors. Peaches Geldof is leaving Williamsburg and shopping for a place in Soho or on the Lower East Side. Representative Carolyn Maloney had a fund-raiser Friday night, which makes people wonder if she’s going to run against newly Cuddle Guv–appointed Kirsten Gillibrand next year for her Senate seat. Blll Clinton talked too much through last summer’s Central Park performance of Broadway-bound Hair, but Public Theater head Oskar Eustis, sitting next to him, couldn’t ask him to shut up. Real Housewife Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is coming out with a book on how to be classy, which the Post promotes — er, mocks — saying LuAnn is crass, loud, disruptive, and constantly hitting on both men and women. Ann Curry, Hilary Swank, and art dealer Mary Boone will chop off their hair for Locks for Love, a charity that makes wigs for kids with hair loss because of medical things like cancer.

Ex-governor of New Jersey Jim McGreevey tried but failed to pay his way, presumably for his daughter, into a Hannah Montana concert. Restaurant mogul Giuseppe Cipriani has fled New York, which has led to the closing of hot lounge Socialista. Cin says that Mayor Mike says he took a 3 p.m. train back from D.C. instead of a 2 p.m. in order to save a few bucks. But Cin, we don’t think D.C.’s Union Station is “junky,” as you put it … it’s rather grand, especially compared to Penn Station. Next time you’re there, please chill out and try the Indian lunch special. Cin also was at the new Palm Restaurant in Tribeca with NY1’s George Whipple, a duo with whom having dinner would be our dream assignment! (Hint.) Also, Cin is over all the public celebrity spit-swapping … and also the current overuse of the word “daunting.” Meanwhile, Liz has all the details on that hat Aretha wore, and also tells a cute Samuel L. Jackson inauguration story. And also, strangely, throws a bone to the Enquirer. Hmmm…

Anderson Cooper got off a plane in D.C. and waited for an “attractive Hispanic man” who’d sat in the back while Anderson sat up front. Make sure to watch for Erica Hill’s coy, coded references to this! Former Times Hollywood reporter Sharon Waxman is starting her own movie-news website. Erica Jong’s daughter is becoming a literary agent. Good luck to her. These days editors have … fear of buying. CNN’s Campbell Brown will take maternity leave, during which she’ll look her baby right in the eye and ask it bold, straight-shooting questions. Kanye West begs the people hacking into his MySpace page and gmail account, “Just let me be great!” and also says he’d consider doing bi porn. He is always pushing hip-hop boundaries!

Paul McCartney may marry Nancy Shevell, his girlfriend from the Hamptons. That Chelsea Handler says some crazy things! Cuba Gooding Jr. had a lot of loud fun with a pizza at Sundance. Good-times racist Prince Harry has broken up with his girlfriend of five years.

Maybe Everything’s Okay Between Sarah Jessica and Matthew After All