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Media Layoffs Bad for Minorities

So, this is the New Year, but the media doesn’t feel any different! Today, an Asian American newspaper ended a long run, The Village Voice lost its last black writer, and gay advocate the Advocate lowered its issue count. Happy New Year, media!

AsianWeek, a free, San Francisco–based, 30-year-old newspaper, “ubiquitous… in every Asian neighborhood and coffeehouse in [SF],” has ceased publication today, going Web-only. Eleven staffers have been lost in the transition. [SF Chronicle]

Vogue is not dead, but the Times’ Cathy Horyn thinks the fashion mag could use some life injections. [The Cut]

The Advocate, periodical for all things gay, is rumored to be scaling down from 22 issues a year to a humbler 12. [Queerty]

• A piece in this week’s Time magazine called “Mediapocalypse Now” discusses the industry’s recent troubles. Author James Poniewozik writes, “All our endless media platforms amplify the bad news, which ups the anxiety. Repeat loop as necessary until we all get to the poorhouse. (I hear it has wi-fi!)” [Time]

• The Washington Post is launching a new political Website, stealing Talking Points Memo’s Greg Sargent in the process. [Gawker]

Media Layoffs Bad for Minorities