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Newspapers AND Blogs Feel the Pinch

Minneapolis’ city paper is filing for bankruptcy, and Federated Media is laying off staffers, proving that the mediamorphosis will affect everyone. Just, er, growing pains! Your daily dose of bad news, after the jump.

• Minnesota’s largest newspaper, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company cites everything falling apart as the reason for this. [Star Tribune]

• Federated Media, which publishes handles ad sales for blogs like BoingBoing and TechCrunch, is laying off staffers. [Federated Media]

• O’Reilly Media, once-pioneering publisher of tech and web books, has laid off 30 staffers. [Press Democrat]

• Time Warner would consider selling layoff-prone Time Inc. publishing, but not anytime soon. [MarketWatch]

• The new Atlanta Journal-Constitution publisher, Doug Franklin, introduced himself to the staff with an announcement: Our paper is losing a million dollars every week. Hi. [Creative Loafing]

• Hearst Magazine International’s president, George Green, is stepping down after a long, successful tenure. Green kept Hearst’s international sales afloat, even recently. [NYP]

• Clear Channel Communications is looking to trim $400 million off its budget — perhaps by mass layoffs. [NYP]

Esquire has begun advertising on its cover — for $250,000. That’s so … innovative. [NYT]

• The citizen-journalist responsible for yesterday’s moving photo of the “miracle on the Hudson” has been Twittering about his experience. And he’s not losing a million dollars every week, so that’s another point for new media. [JKrums/Twitter, Freep]

*This item has been modified since its original publication.

Newspapers AND Blogs Feel the Pinch