Olivia Palermo Wants to Be a Serious Actress

Obama envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke bought two suits at Beau Brummel to look nice while figuring stuff out over there. Lauren Hutton, on Lafayette Street (where she lives), yelled at a staffer to hurry up with her Fiji Water. Lee Radziwill, still going strong at 75, protects her nice coif with a rain cap when she walks around. Olivia Palermo is shooting The City merely as practice for a very serious acting career. Charlie Rangel went to a fat farm over the holidays. Nora Ephron told Erica Jong at a big 92nd Street Y panel that all the dissing on Caroline Kennedy wasn’t sexist.

CSI actor Gerard McCullouch was attacked on the subway by a mugger with a kitchen knife, but managed to beat the guy down until the police came. Then the police even gave him a ride home. Keith Olbermann, Tyra Banks, Suze Orman, and others will all be honored March 28 in New York at the GLAAD Awards for saying and doing nice things for the gay race. Tory Burch took first class on a flight from JFK to Miami while her kids and the nanny were back in coach. Rosie O’Donnell cried at the opening of her new kids’ center (she loves those kids!) and said Suri Cruise was welcome there, too.

Cin doesn’t think Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell will be getting married anytime soon, despite rumors to the contrary. And, at the end of her column, Cindy Adams also starts talking to her readers as though they were dogs. This was probably inevitable. Speaking of dogs, the Daily News has created a photo gallery of every celebrity in the history of time alongside their pup(s). Maria Bartiromo may have gotten that first interview with John Thain after Merrill Lynch booted him because they have the same publicist, Ken Sunshine.

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall’s son, Stephen, who lives in New Jersey, is suing Moda Entertainment for not paying him for work he did for them. Did you know that Kelly Ripa named her daughter Lola for the character in the “Copacabana” song by Barry Manilow, whom Ripa will introduce at a Valentine’s Day benefit at Nassau Coliseum? Yuh-huh. Obama quoted the movie The Departed when complimenting his campaign manager, David Plouffe, at the Staff Ball last week. Aspiring rapper Joaquin Phoenix danced strangely at a D.C. club. Donny Osmond will go on Dancing With the Stars. Kanye West says his new name is Martin Louis the King Jr., in honor of both MLK and Louis Vuitton, a fusion that we’re sure would honor and flatter both parties.

Olivia Palermo Wants to Be a Serious Actress