Possibly Corrupt Transit Official Rolling in Furs, Flat-Screens

If you read the tabloids, it can sometimes feel like there are an infinite number of New York City “transit officials,” and 79 percent of them are corrupt or involved in a scandal in some way. So we almost flipped right by this latest Daily News story, coming as it did after sixteen pages of inauguration coverage. Luckily, the words “luxury cars,” “furs,” and “flat-screens” caught our eye. (Mostly because we are waiting for that giant government sale of everything that was cleaned out of all the Middle American homes that were foreclosed upon last year. It’s gotta happen sometime, right?)

Well, it turns out that Jacqueline Jackson, a 50-year-old MTA supervisor, is suspected of inflating bills submitted by a Brooklyn company and then spreading around the funds she looted from the cash-strapped agency. Details are yet unclear as to the depth of the scheme, but the News was at least able to learn a bit about Jackson’s “living large” lifestyle.

Jackson had a flat-screen television in just about every room — including the bathroom — of her two-story brick house on E. 46th St. in the Flatlands section of Brooklyn, a source said. She also had five or so fur coats in her closets … Outside, a Mercedes-Benz S430 luxury sedan was in the driveway. Jackson also drives a Lincoln Navigator … “She’s living large,” one of Jackson’s neighbors said. “Inside the house is so beautiful.”

We’ve always thought that, if we committed a crime, the worst kind of neighbor would be the one to go on NY1 and say, “He always seemed strange, he kept to himself mostly. I knew something was off about him.” But apparently it’s just as bad to have one who is thinking, “I always hated how that bitch had such nice things.”

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Possibly Corrupt Transit Official Rolling in Furs, Flat-Screens