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Reports: Paterson Either an Equivocator or a Liar

Today we have an object lesson in the difference in reporting styles between the city’s tabloids and the New York Times. The paper of record, recounting how David Paterson tried to recover from last week’s bad press over the nasty rumors his office spread about Caroline Kennedy, said that he “equivocated.” At first he denied that his office had nothing to do with the leaks. Later, he said that his office had been leaking throughout the entire Senate selection process, and he “would condemn” that.

The Post, on the other hand, didn’t mince words on the same topic. “He’s a liar,” wrote Frederic U. Dicker, the Albany reporter who has enjoyed a close relationship with Paterson in the past, and who was one of the main recipients of the Kennedy leaks. “The source of the information is about as close to him during the day as his wife is at night,” Dicker added, hinting that “the person responsible for the smear was an individual whose identity is well known to the press.” Since we’re down here in the city, we can only guess at who he means — but we’d be willing to bet that Albany regulars know exactly who Dicker is talking about.

Regardless, we’re really loving that Photoshop of the governor as “Paternocchio.” When he eventually raises taxes, can we formally request to see him as Rumpaterstiltskin?

Paterson Seeks Distance From Senate Damage, but Hedges [NYT]

Reports: Paterson Either an Equivocator or a Liar