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Teen Died, But It Left a Pretty Corpse

Today in media: Teen took its last breath, The Wall Street Journal shrugged off its anthrax threat, and elsewhere, the media business looked up, checked to make sure it was still alive, and kept trundling along. After the jump, today’s notes.

• Nearly a dozen Star Tribune employees who were asked to walk away from the company have now been informed that their five-figure buyout check bounces when cashed. Fantastic. [MinnPost]

• The L.A. Times boasted that it could finance its online and print operations based on web revenues alone. But maybe that’s after pending layoffs. [Bloomberg]

Playboy is planning on consolidating its web and print staff. It’s also (possibly) saying good-bye to its New York office, as well as its editorial director, Chris Napolitano; replacing them with Chicago digs and online director Jimmy Jellinek. [NYP]

• The Atlantic has launched a new business channel at (apparently it does not have a snazzy name yet). The site will be edited by Megan McArdle. More Atlantic online offshoots are in the works, too. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

Teen Died, But It Left a Pretty Corpse