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Developer’s Divorce Dash

When the time comes, some men say, “I want a divorce.” Other men, like Elie Hirschfeld, the developer and son of late parking-garage magnate Abe Hirschfeld, are more dramatic. According to an affidavit filed by his ex-wife in court, Hirschfeld and his family were on vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho, when, apparently, he could take it no longer. “Feigning diarrhea,” his ex claims in the court documents, he ditched out early and chartered a private plane for himself (cost: $40,000) “[s]o that he could arrive at the apartment before us,” the wife said.

Once there:

Elie Hirschfeld took nearly all of the furniture, clothing, more than $30 million in artwork — including works by Childe Hassam and Willem De Kooning — from the walls of their 11-room Fifth Avenue apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side … She said he also took $25,000 in cash the couple kept in an apartment safe as well as all the china, silver, furs, jewelry and clothing belonging to her and their children as well as all their toys.

We understand why she’s mad, but this is kind of hilarious. Maybe he just doesn’t like confrontation?

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Developer’s Divorce Dash