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Adam Green Reports From the Set of Gossip Girl

It looks like tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl is a rerun, but at least we know we have something to look forward to: Moldy Peaches singer Adam Green filmed an appearance on the show last week, along with the Misshapes and Patrick McMullan. Although he signed a confidentiality agreement that bans him from discussing the plot, Green did tell Intel that he played a friend of Poppy’s (Remember Serena’s socialite friend? The one who told her to “let her light shine”?) and that he and the Misshapes are invited to a party thrown by Serena, at which she and Little J have a tiff. “She felt deceived in this scene because of what Serena told her about the nature of the party,” Green says mysteriously. Of his own non-speaking part, he says, “It’s kind of a bummer role. It’s really me and the Misshapes scowling and looking like we’re not having a good time.” (We think we may have to premptively award reality points for this: The Misshapes never look like they are having fun.

Fortunately, having not a lot to do onscreen left Green with lots of time to explore the set. “I went into Dan’s bedroom,” he reports, “and Serena’s family’s house … I even had a tea party inside Serena’s dining room!”

I tried to order some liquor, because that’s what I do, but it was intercepted by the producer, who totally chewed me out and told me it was a non-drinking set, and how dare I order alcohol. It was crazy. He told me how unprofessional it was that I’d done that, as if I was a naughty boy. He said it would affect my performance. Isn’t that ridiculous? So he confiscated my liquor and kept it up in the office, and meanwhile all I wanted was a bottle of whiskey.” We somehow think Chuck Bass would have understood.

Despite the booze debacle, Green is still pretty happy about being on the show. “It’s like when they used the Moldy Peaches song in the Bahamas commercial — they made it even better than we did. I just knew on Gossip Girl I could probably be even better than I am in real life, you know?”

Adam Green Reports From the Set of Gossip Girl