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All Media Needs Is a Little Hope

A few losses here, a few gains there. Media may be losing a satellite-radio provider, but Alex Rodriguez gave publishing a boost. All hail A-Rod! Unless, of course, media becomes a religion. But would that make Rupert Murdoch our god? Yikes.

To Catch a Predator may be getting a more hard-core sibling: NBC is now on the hunt for war criminals, and working in conjunction with government officials to find them. The project has Homeland Security, Human Rights Watch, and the Poynter Institute in a tizzy. Whoa. [NYT]

• Sirius may be dying, but it doesn’t want any help. The satellite-radio provider has built up debt of over $3 billion, but has refused an offer from Charles Ergen of Satellite TV. Sirius may have to cut Howard Stern to save itself. But, really, what’s the point if Stern is gone? [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

• Dear Daily News employees: Our chairman, Mort Zuckerman, says the paper isn’t going anywhere. Congrats! P.S. We’re cutting your 401(k) plans. Please don’t hate us. Love, your CEO, Mark Kramer [NYP]

• Here’s a new way to save media: Turn it into a religion, L. Ron Hubbard–style! Hey, as long as we don’t have to give up our Xanax, why not? [Slate]

Vibe magazine is cutting pay, taking long weekends, and dropping to 10 issues per year. We don’t like the vibe we’re getting here… (zing!) [Gawker]

• A-Rod saves publishing! Terry McDonnell of Sports Illustrated calls it the “biggest news break since … 2002,” and Selena Roberts, who broke the story, is even writing a book about it! Don’t forget to thank the high-waisted-denim-wearing baseball player the next time you see him. [NYO]

• It seems that Plenty did not leave enough in its will for the writers to get paid. Some former contributers are considering legal action. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

All Media Needs Is a Little Hope