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Dalton Student’s Apparent Suicide: More News

In an unlikely turn of events, the Daily News — and not the Post — is the first paper to leap at the opportunity to share more of the gruesome details surrounding the death of a student yesterday at the prestigious Dalton School on the Upper East Side. Here’s what they now know:

• The student, Theodore (Teddy) Graubard, was “a well-liked junior.”
• He “lived a few blocks from the school, [and] was active in school groups, including the Math Olympiad.”
• “He played varsity football and designed the team’s website; he also threw the discus for the school’s track squad.” He also had a younger brother at Dalton.

• Officials don’t know why he may have wanted to crawl out the window of an empty eleventh-floor dance studio, but a teacher stopped him moments before he did to ask what he was up to. “When the teacher returned to her office down the hall, “ reports the News, “Theodore took off his jacket and left it with his book bag on the floor. He crawled out the top of the window and leaped.” This was at approximately 11:15 a.m.
• He “nearly landed on several children playing on the sidewalk.” It was fourth-grade recess outside.
• After the kids were rushed inside, according to the New York Post, Teddy’s mother rushed over from her nearby home and “broke down.”

We didn’t think it was possible, but every new detail we learn about this story makes it even worse.

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Dalton Student’s Apparent Suicide: More News