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Dick Fuld Still Keeps an Office at Lehman Brothers

Today in the ongoing humiliation and metaphoric castration of Lehman Brothers CEO Richard “the Gorilla” Fuld: The Journal talks to some of the happy-go-lucky folks charged with making the most of what assets Lehman Brothers has left, and we get the sense that the new CEO, Bryan Marsal, has been awfully magnanimous about making sure the old man still feels included. Not like Sandy Weill included—Marsal did have to relieve Fuld of his company car and take him off payroll—but he lets Old Dick know he’s wanted in other, little ways, like by letting him keep an office at the firm, one that’s only a hop and a skip from Marsal’s spacious corner spread. Because why not? The man worked there for 40 years. He’s got to be good for something:

We asked him to stay if he has nowhere better to go,” Marsal said, of Fuld. “He’s been very good about making himself available for questions about Lehman assets.”

Right. “Now, Dick, we’re going to hunker down and sort out the mess you’ve made of private equity. Would you mind … running and fetching us a few macchiatos? Thanks, sport.”

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Dick Fuld Still Keeps an Office at Lehman Brothers