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Greatest Depression Forces Men to Get Pretty

“Since the economy started to tank, everybody’s husbands are so depressed,” one wife of a financier told the Times dining section yesterday, and it makes sense. The Greatest Depression seems to be taking its biggest toll on men: As we’ve seen, they’re the ones, mostly, who are losing their jobs. They’re the ones finding out their trophy wives are total heinous bitches. And now they’re the ones shooting their faces up with botulism so that they can look young and pretty:

There are definitely more business guys coming in and they have very focused demands,” New York cosmetic surgeon Cap Lesesne tells the FT today. “They are worried about their job futures and their professional longevity.” A 33-year-old British account manager confirmed: “Anyone who says looks are not important is a liar. You need to look good — fresh and bright rather than tired and stressed out.”

Oh dear. What’s next? Stories about men who are forced to dress up in drag so that they can live in women’s hotels, because it’s the only kind of apartment they can afford?

Men Facing Up To Nips And Needles [FT]

Greatest Depression Forces Men to Get Pretty