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Eliot Spitzer Was a ‘Weasel’ About Condoms

Ever since former governor Eliot Spitzer was brought low by his prostitution scandal, we’ve known a little too much about what he likes to do in the bedroom. (We’re thinking mostly about the fact that he kept his black socks on. Shudder.) For a few months now there’s been a reprieve, but thanks to former madam Kristin Davis, those images are back in our heads. Davis was not the head of the Emperors Club, the prostitution ring for which Spitzer was famously “Client 9,” but another one he used earlier. According to her, Spitzer:

• was “good for a call at least once a week” from 2004 to 2006
• meant “thousands of dollars of steady income for me and my ladies”
• “was getting rough and too aggressive with the girls — repeatedly pressuring them to do things they didn’t want to do”
• “tended to obsess about a girl, would want to see her every day and was pushy and whiny with her”
• “didn’t want to use a condom, and “he’d be a real weasel about it, too”

Hmmm. A sitting governor who is married with children and is frequenting prostitutes — we thought that was pretty much the textbook definition of “weasel.” But Davis is probably more of an expert on the rodent than we are, so we’ll take her word for it.

Madam’s tell-all book reveals Eliot Spitzer prostitute scandal dirt [NYDN]

Eliot Spitzer Was a ‘Weasel’ About Condoms