Tommy Lee’s Plane Pulled Over for Erratic Flying

Kelly Rutherford’s ex-husband may relocate to New York part-time so that he can spend time with their son, Hermes, while she’s working on Gossip Girl. Speaking of: Did the cast walk out on a $500 bar tab? Tommy Lee got pulled over in the sky for flying his helicopter erratically. Genre editor and Jann Wenner face-sucker Neal Boulton will host a gay night called Fondle at a Carroll Gardens pizzeria on Mondays. Richard Branson says he’ll pay Flight 1549 captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger twice as much as he’s making with US Airways to come fly for Virgin Air. Bernie Madoff’s grandkids may have their surnames changed to something other than Madoff. Mary-Kate Olsen took a free yoga class.

Ivanka Trump apparently said on a panel that the Trump company is looking to take over other developers’ stopped projects. Cin has very detailed drag tips from RuPaul, who has a new drag reality show on Logo. Cindy Adams also says new New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand was “knocking the ways of old-school Washington, D.C., at a Four Seasons lunch.” Really, so soon? Mickey Rourke sent each of the ladies of The View a handwritten thank-you note for having him on the show. What a nice man.

Robert Downey Jr. made a delightfully droll quip about a sculpture at the Cub Room in Soho last week. Sasha and Malia Obama will have a lot of homework once they hit Sidwell Friends’ hard-driving middle and high schools. Star Jones came late to an inauguration house party in D.C. and told the staff she wanted every appetizer she’d missed. Model Devon Aoki snatched an expensive scale (as in, “Am I fat?”) away from fellow model Karolina Kurkova in a Sundance gift lounge. Mariah Carey was being a diva at Sundance, making husband Nick Cannon hold her coat and demanding to be driven just one block. Tiger Woods wouldn’t tip anywhere in Las Vegas. Jessica Simpson made an exercise video for some entrepreneur a while back when she was skinnier, and now to get back at her for never signing off on it, he’s put it online to point out how much bigger she is now. Jennifer Hudson’s version of the national anthem at the Super Bowl may have topped Whitney Houston’s famous 1991 Super Bowl version.

Lauren Conrad had a party for her 23rd birthday where everyone wore Venetian masks. New England Patriots QB Matt Cassel got his leg peed on by a drunk jerk at a Super Bowl party. Britney Spears has a private backstage prayer area at every stop on her Circus tour. Portfolio editor Joanne Lipman insisted on flying to that big Davos conference first-class even though her mag’s not making money for Condé Nast and business biggies like John Mack, Sergey Brin, and Vikram Pandit didn’t even go this year.

Tommy Lee’s Plane Pulled Over for Erratic Flying