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Gossip Girl’s Hazel ‘Pretty Much Agrees’ With Our Reality Index

Barry Diller was at last night’s party for College Humor, but we zoomed right over to the most important person in the room: Dreama Walker, a.k.a. Hazel from Gossip Girl. So, does she read the Reality Index? we asked shamelessly.

Yes!” she said, and as if our heart wasn’t already fluttering out of our chest, she proceeded to quote from it. “Last week they said I looked like the crying girl from that Sunday Afternoon by George painting,” she said. “This is sort of sad to say, but I normally pretty much agree with them.”

Meaning, she thinks the show can be a little unrealistic?

“Yes, of course!” she said. “Sometimes we sit there on the set and we’re like, ‘Wait, this actually doesn’t make sense.’”

No. Even, like, Leighton?

Oh yeah,” she said. “We all sit around and talk about it. And then sometimes we are like ‘Oh, you have to change the script.’ Or we change a couple of lines. I mean, it’s still a great show, and it’s fun. But have you seen my character? Do you know some of the things that I say?”

We have, and we do. This is just amazing. Next thing you know Dorota is going to be declining an Emmy nomination because the writers haven’t developed her character enough. And it will be kind of, sort of because of us! We die. (Sorry, writers.)

Gossip Girl’s Hazel ‘Pretty Much Agrees’ With Our Reality Index